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Excellent Money Earning Techniques To Earn Money

29 January 2016 by 103692 comments General 192262 Views
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Nowadays, more people want to earn money from online. The internet is the best communication medium to earn more profit. Go through these 5 techniques and select one for a better future.

E-learning tutor

The available number of online tutors is lower than the needed number of online tutors. So online tutors are in high demand. If the online tutor has more skills, such as teaching, learning, creative ideas and innovative activities, he will be a good online tutor. More and more students do not like college and classroom studies. So most students give importance to e-learning and e-books. Online tutors have more basic skills, but two skills are very important. One of the qualities of online tutor is subject skill. The online tutor must have skill in any one of the particular subjects of their own interest. The second quality is enough time and a good network connection. An online tutor can work using the following websites, such as smart thinking, tutorvisa and more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the next excellent work from home job opportunity. The SEO analyst can earn more money by keyword analysis, link building, social media promotions and marketing activities. All the above activities will earn money by website SEO and website marketing. The SEO analyst only promotes the website. Using the promotion the website manager place the ads in various places such as top, right, left, and bottom. The main task of SEO analyst is link building. The link building consists of forum posting, creating backlinks, social bookmarking, social media promotions, maintaining pages for website and more. These all are possible only by maintaining a website or blog.

Developing extensions for WordPress

The WordPress is one of the best content management system. The Worpress has themes, plugins and widgets. This is the best online money making idea. A WordPress developer can earn money by developing WordPress plugins and publishing tem to the WordPress website. The WordPress extensions are given to customers with money and freedom. Some WordPress developers can earn money by donations. But WordPress developers must know about development languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySql. Some example WordPress themes and plugins ♦WordPress Plugins ♦WordPress Themes

Website usability testing jobs

Usability testing is the best testing methodology to test developed websites. The usability tests are provided by various companies. The website usability testers can earn money by testing websites. A tester can earn $8-$10 per test. The amount of money differs from company to companies. Some of the Usability testing providers are user testing, userlytics, analysis, TryMyUI, Userfeel and more. A website usability tester only earns money by doing completing website usability tasks and feedback. The important aspect of the usability testing job is first come first serve. So the tester always sits in front of computers.

Facebook application development

Facebook is one of the best social networking platform. Facebook provides various tools for developing application and publish in Facebook networking. Facebook users can use the applications and share with their friends. For application development purpose Facebook provides PHP SDK, Javascript SDK, Graph API. A Facebook application developer has skills in PHP or Javascript. The Facebook application developer easily promotes application by sharing. So developer can get more visits on application. By improving the visits, developer can earn money.

These all five techniques are giving more than $2000 per month. Each technique gives different ideas and different results. In above all techniques, application development is a good idea.



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